What is HPL ?


What is HPL?

HPL or High Pressure Laminate, is a combination of kraft paper and fenolresin, with a hard top layer of melamineresin.

Melamine is the hardest organical material that is synthetically made. This gives HPL it's high resistance against scratches and wear and tear. The tough and elastic fenol core gives the panels their impact resistance. These properties are combined with the fact that it HPL is unaffected by chemicals and heat.

Production Process

HPL, consists of multiple layers. Firstly, a hard, transparent, synthetic resin (melamine) top layer. Next, a colored and textured decor layer. Below that, several layers of fenolresin-impregnated kraft paper. This combination is then heated and pressed until a hard sheet of only 0,7 mm thick. This sheet can then be used as a toplayer on for example our hard PVC core.

Maintenace and cleaning

HPL is an exceptionally tough material that is resistant to scratching and high temperatures. The surface is smooth and non-porous, rendering it hygienic and easy to clean, which makes HPL very low maintenance. Normal, daily dirt can be removed with a soft, damp cloth. More resilient and caked dirt is removed with only some mild (non-abrasive) cleaning agents. Never use abrasive cleaning agents or sponges.

We use the HPL made by ARPA, the number 1 for "High quality panels for bathroom design"