How do I cut a wall panel?

A: Cutting a wall panel is fairly easy; make sure you cut on a stable and even surface (sawing table) and preferably use a guiding rail, to ensure straight edges.

Tip: Use a saw with fine teeth.

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What colors are available?

A: There are 8 colors for the shower pans and 4 for the wall panels.


Can a shower be installed on a classic wooden floor?

With the SOL shower bases this poses no problems, you can adjust the height yourself, eliminating the need for cutting or sawing. The Shower-Online shower pans are 100% waterproof thanks to the stainless steel sealing with a height of 4 cm.

Douchebak met goot en afneembaar deksel
Shower pan with drain and removable cover

Are the shower bases equipped with a non-skid layer?

In order to shower safe and comfortably, the Shower-Online shower pans have a non-skid certification of Class 1/R-13. Uniquely, this high non-skid values (highest possible certification class) is combined with a smooth surface, which is easy to clean. Combine this with the antibacterial properties of the shower base, and you get optimal hygiene. Legionella, black spots, athlete’s foot … while have an exceedingly hard time in your shower! The official certifications can be procured via mail.

lage instap , vlakke douchebak , vlakke douchevloer
Our Shower bases are 3 cm high and completely seamless, even on the sides, thanks to our unique bending method. 

I want to support my shower pan, but there is no space for supports, what now?

You can support our shower bases with PUR FILL low expansion foam. First install guide rails against the walls, these will support the shower pan. Next, place a dot of PUR FILL every 20 cm. Make sure both the guide rails and the shower base are perfectly level before the foam hardens. Once the foam is hard, no changes are possible! Make sure to only use dots of foam every 20 cm, keeping in mind that the foam still expands quite a bit. For every square meter, use 25 kg of weights in the 24 hours after installation will ensure the shower base doesn’t move.

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When possible always add guide rails against the walls.

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What is the minimal height of the shower base?

When there is enough space, our shower pan can be installed flush with the bathroom floor. When this is not the case, a difference of 3 cm between the shower- and bathroom floor is present.

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Do I need to apply a waterproof sheet beneath the shower pan?

No, our shower bases are 100% waterproof. This eliminates the need for expensive waterproofing, such as “Kerdi”, saving you a lot of time and money.

What is the depth of the siphon?

Our built-in siphon depth is 6cm, measured from the bottom of the panel. This is ideal for low, built-in shower pans, for example a shower base on a wooden floor.

Tip:Always test the drain for leaks before installation.

SOL sifon Viega


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How do I maintain my SOL wall panels?

Just simply clean the panels with a soft cloth and a non-abbrasive cleaning agent.

How to install a SOL panel on for example a tiled wall?

As an adhesive, SOL Polymer Glue is used. Once the wall is free of dust and grease, lines of polymer are applied (around 2 cm thick). Next, place the panel where you want it and apply a generous amount of pressure. In the lower corners, where the panel touches the shower base, excess polymer has to spill from the seam over the entire length. This excess glue can directly be cleaned with Swipex.

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How about the inside corners?

The corners are finished with Corner Connection Profiles. Both panels are glued into these profiles, after which the glue can be cleaned with Swipex when still wet.


Placing a stainless steel corner profile is ideal when using a wood structure, this profile is invisible and waterproof after installation.

Door het plaatsen van inox binnenhoeken achter de wanden zijn de S.O.L platen 100% waterdicht
 By using Stainless steel inside corners behind the panels, the SOL panels are 100% waterproof.

Inox hoekprofiel met plaat

What is the largest possible shower pan?

Our shower bases can be made up to 298 x 123 cm. Every possible size smaller than this is possible.

Maatwerk douchebak S.O.L 295 cm x 85 cm

Shower base, 285 cm long with Stainless
Steel rims for waterproof sealing at walls

Are your panels low maintenance?

The Cossolid toplayer is an evolution of a material designed specially for the catering and medical industry, that has proven its strength and use in cleanrooms, food storage, laboratories …
This layer is resistant to alkaline solutions and diluted acids. When extruding the Vinyl toplayer, Nano-silver particles are added. These particles acts as “bacteria killers” which make for a surface that is easy to keep clean and sterile. This is improved even further with the bacteria repellant properties due to the smooth and non porous surface.

Can i glue the panel directly on plywood or OSB?

The S.O.L. shower bases and wall panels can be installed directly on a wooden wall or floor, as they are perfectly waterproof. We do however recommend adding an extra corner profile, to ensure your corners are just as waterproof as the panels.

Door het plaatsen van inox binnenhoeken achter de wanden zijn de S.O.L platen 100% waterdicht
Adding stainless steel inside corners behind the panels ensures 100% waterproof corners when installed properly.

Inox hoekprofiel met plaat

How many supports per square meter do I need?

We recommend using 4adjustable supports per square meter. For example a shower pan of 120 x 80 cm needs 6 supports.

The height of the supports is perfectly adjustable between 6 and 12 cm.

When fixing the supports to the bathroom surface, you can make sure they do not move when adjusting height and installing the pan


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Installing a wall guide will greatly simplify installation and increase stability.

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Are different shapes of shower bases possible?

Yes, every shape is possible: triangles, pentagons … In order for this shower base to perfectly fit your needs, our team needs to make a detailed mould. To construct this mould, pleas contact using the contact page.

Example of a non-conventional shape:




To what do I have to pay attention during the delivery?

When the shower pan and/or wall panels are delivered, first check if the packaging is damaged.  Next, check for discoloring, imperfections or damage sustained during shipping. Complaints should immediately be sent to: info@shower-online.com 

How long is the guarantee?

Shower-Online shower pans and wall panels combined with Soudal and a correct installation will assure you of years of beautiful, moldfree and waterproof showering. We guarantee up to 10 years after installation without cracking, bending or breaking.


What do you mean with stainless steel waterproofing?

Our shower bases are not only perfectly made to measure, they are also completely waterproof. Of course, not only the pan itself, but also the joints with the walls have to be 100% waterproof. The stainless steel rim is an extra option where a rim of 4 cm high is added to all the sides that make contact with a wall. This adds a third(!) completely waterproof sealing, on top of the standard two. This does not change the installation process in any way, keeping it just as simple as with our standard shower pan.

d wit front L V en rvs LAr

Also use a stainless steel corner profile for optimal sealing.

Door het plaatsen van inox binnenhoeken achter de wanden zijn de S.O.L platen 100% waterdicht
By adding stainless steel inside corners behind the panels, the seams are 100% waterproof.

Does water drain properly from your shower?

Yes, the drain is positioned 30 mm lower than the edges of the shower pan, ensuring perfect drainage.

What is the delivery time for made to measure shower pans?

Onze levertijd is 7 werkdagen voor alle op maat gemaakte douchebakken en wandpanelen.


Platte douchebak met lage instap
Vlakke douchebak met lage instap, 3 cm.

On which surfaces can the SOL panels be installed?

The panels can be installed on most surfaces, such as tiles, concrete, drywall … Assuming of course that these are of proper quality and a high quality bonding agent is used, we recommend using SOL polymer. Naturally, both the surface and the panels should be free of dust and grease when installing.

What tools do I need?


  • Jig saw
  • Buzz saw
  • Pencil
  • Silicone adhesive
  • Tape-measure
  • Holesaw with fine teeth