You buy directly from the  manefacturer, and without middle man, the product is a lot cheaper. You see this effect directly on the pricetag!

This makes Shower-Online on average 25% to 35% cheaper than other custom shower bases by A-list brands. Do the research yourself and compare our prices to those of others such as Duravit, Bette, Hoesh, Ideal Standart, Artissan, RESOPAL® -HPL Aquaconcept, Billi'o,Fiora ...

Calculate the price of your custom shower pan, up to 298 cm long, below:

The Online shower pan price calculator:

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Made to Measure is our standard.

ERGO shower bases and walls are designed specifically for the DIY enthousiast. It is a modified version of the panels made by Cossolid, a manefacturer of shower bases, with years of experience in developing non-skid and antibacterial shower walls and bases.

The HPL toplayers of a Cossolid panel have a high molecular density, making it extremely tough and highly resistant to bending and breaking. Next to that, it is also unaffected by environmental factors: moisture, large temperature differences or UV radiation. These properties make the Cossolid panels widely used in both bathrooms and outdoor projects.

ERGO shower pans and wallpanels do not break, bend or crack and are 100% resistant to color fading. This because we use the sturdy HPL, as opposed to competitors that use a thin layer of paint or acryl, which is highly susceptible to wear and tear.

Compared to other wall panels; PVC or Acryl, the Shower-Online panels are finished with an HPL layer. This makes them resistant to scratches and color fading, and not look like cheap, shiny plastic panels. Thanks to the Melamine resin, the toughest synthetically made organic material, HPL is unaffected by chemicals and heat. The surface is smooth and non porous, keeping the required cleaning and maintenance effort to a minimum.

We only work with the HPL made by ARPA, the n°1 in high quality bathroom panels.

The installation is very easy thanks to the specially designed corner- and finish profiles, and the ease with which they are placed on top of for example old tiles.

Custom is the standard for SOL, just enter the dimensions of your shower base and walls, and you can calculate the price yourself!

The panels are only 6 mm thick, and sized up to 123 x 248 cm. The shower pan is up to 298 cm long, and the largest possible base only weighs 25 kg! Neither the ERGO walls nor the pans can break or crack or lose their color.

Due to our large stock, delivery times are short.

Quickly installed, easy in maintenance and a luxurious look.

The S.O.L bathroom and shower cladding offers nothing but benefits. It is for example a perfect esthetic solution to moisture problems in your shower, as there are no ugly and leaking joints.                                                                              

The latest trend in bathroom walls are panels. The use of panels in showers greatly reduces the amount of joints, to almost none, which makes maintenance easier and makes your shower a lot more hygienic. The panels are perfect for renovations, as they can simple by installed on top of existing tiles, drywall, bricks ... They are available in "HPL Beton look", "HPL Stone look", "HPL Antracite gebouchardeerd" and "HPL Wit gebouchardeerd". With these finishes, a trendy and modern design becomes a piece of cake. Give your bathroom a clean and tight look!


But what is HPL?

Shower base "Corian Look" walls "HPL Beton Look "

100% made to measure, up to 298 cm. Delivery within 1 week. 

100% waterproof due to stainless steel sealing

As the Cossolid Ergo Shower Base is not cast or thermoformed, you are guaranteed that everything is right-angled and perfectly straight. The drain is always centered and supplied with a standard 90 mm siphon.
The shower pan can be equipped with a baseboard, which is completely seamless and normally 3 cm high. For the pan every shape and size up to 298 cm is possible. We draw and model each pan, before CNC milling it to the desired shape and dimensions.
The Cossolid Ergo Shower Base can also be equipped with a premounted waterproof rim in stainless steel, 4 cm high. This rim makes for a triple waterproofed seal after the SOL panels are installed, without any visible silicone joint! 

On top of- or built-in your floor?

On top of- or built-in your floor?

The cleanest and most hygienic method of installing a shower floor is built in to your bathroom floor. This is of course not possible in every bathroom, in that case, installing the shower base on top of your bathroom floor is a fitting alternative. When installing the shower this way, the surface of your shower will be 3 cm above your bathroom floor.

If you however prefer a shower base that is noticeably higher than your floor, or your bathroom floor is not level, it is possible to adjust the height of each individual corner. With this method, the shower base will be between 6 and 12 cm above your floor.

Do you have a wooden floor? Pay close attention to the location of the supporting structure before installing a built-in shower base. Heightening the floor, in order to cleanly store drains and pipes, is in most cases the best way to approach this.

Built-in, custom "Corian Look" shower

Scratch resistant

Matt and luxurious look

UV-resistant and no color fading

Stronger than all Acrylic panels

Best price

Easily installed on top of existing tiles

Never breaks, bends or cracks after installation

100% waterproof and mold free

Smooth surface with incredible non-skid properties

Available in 7 trendy colors


S.O.L. shower pans up to 298 cm, made to measure

You can simply enter the dimensions of the desired shower base/wall panel and directly receive the price. Delivery takes only 7 days, but when requested 48 hours is possible! Shower base and panels are extremely lightweight, only 10 kg per square meter.

The S.O.L. shower panels fit perfectly with a custom shower base, only 30 mm thick! The maximal dimensions of these pans are 298 x 120 cm, the longest shower base made in one piece on the market!

The exclusive, high quality top layer, does not only feel most comfortable, but offers safety and grip, with its non-skid properties (Class A). Being resistant to scratching, color fading, wear and tear, pressure and even fire (Class 1), you are ensured a durable shower that stays pristine for years. This top layer is applied to a sandwich of Aluminum - PVS - Aluminum, for optimal stiffness and strength.

This unique combination makes for a panel that is not only lightweight and exceptionally strong, but stiff, tough and has wonderful acoustic properties. The shower base is built with a slanted surface, ensuring proper drainage.


The Cossolid toplayer is an evolution of a material designed specially for the catering and medical industry, that has proven its strength and use in cleanrooms, food storage, laboratories ...

This layer is resistant to alkaline solutions and diluted acids. When extruding the Vinyl toplayer, Nano-silver particles are added. These particles acts as "bacteria killers" which make for a surface that is easy to keep clean and sterile. This is improved even further with the bacteria repellant properties due to the smooth and non porous surface.

The Cossolid shower bases have an invisible anti skid (Class 1) with a non skid R-Value of 11, the maximum. As this non skid property is not the result of a special ribbed or textured surface, but is due to the molecular characteristics of the material, it is till smooth and easy to clean. This R-Value is crucial in public places such as hotels or government buildings. The walls can also have the same clean and smooth finish as the floors, for a bathroom that is safe and esthetically pleasing.

The Shower-Online Made to Measure feature enables you to easily order a shower base that is 100% custom and fits your bathroom perfectly.
The maximum dimensions are 298 x 120 cm, available in 5 different colors.
Made to measure is delivered within 10 days!